Edgar Fellows Program Fall 2021 Applicants


    1. The application comes in two parts; a short essay and a response to a question. Your application should be in the form of one electronic file. Page one of the document should be your essay; page two should be your response to the question.

    2. Your essay must be saved in one of the following formats: txt, doc, docx or pdf. Please include both your first and last name.

    3. Please make sure that your name and email address appear at the top of each page.

    4. All responses should be typed in 11 or 12 point font (no smaller) and single spaced. The essay should fit on one page. Please do not rewrite the essay title. Please do not include references or citations.

    Part I: Short Essay

    The Edgar Fellows Honors program seeks to enhance habits of critical thought and expression—skills equally vital to success in one’s career, one’s private life, and one’s participation as a citizen in public life. The program offers specially designed seminar courses, research opportunities, close collaboration with program advisors, and rich co-curricular activities to develop these skills. 

    Write an essay that explains why you think that you are a good candidate for admission into the program. Be sure to discuss any academic and extra-curricular activities that have prepared you for interdisciplinary study, a dedication to ideals of excellence, and the value of inquiry. (Note: We are not looking for an essay that just lists all the items on your resume.)

    PART II: The Question

    We would like to get to know you a bit more personally. So, on a separate page following your essay, please answer the following question.

    What is it about yourself that you find important or interesting that does not emerge from your transcripts or essay?

    Your response to this question should be no more than half a page.
    We look forward to hearing from you. Good luck!